Jordan Fellows Grad

Congratulations to the first cohort of Jordan Social Work Fellows!

On May 22, 2013, the first cohort of Jordan Social Work Fellows graduated from the Columbia University School of Social Work with the Master of Science in Social Work degree: Shadi Bushnaq, Asma Abu-Dahab, Samira Hajjar, Lina Hamdan, and Laila Abdul Majeed. 

These fellows were funded by a collaboration among the Open Society Foundation, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Columbia University School of Social Work and private funders.

In addition to their full course load, each Fellow developed a Home Country Project to be implemented upon their return to Jordan after graduation. The Open Society Foundation provides the seed money and networking opportunities to help the Fellows make their dream projects a reality.  Many OSF alumni have used the Home Country Project as a spring board to pursue additional funding in order to increase the scale and scope of their interventions.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Apply skills and knowledge in their home country;
  • Build professional connections in the student's field;
  • Engage the Soros and NGO networks in their home country; and
  • Be community focused


Shadi Bushnaq: Abandoned children aging out of residential care in Jordan

Asma Abu-Dahab: Children with diabetes in Jordan

Samira Hajjar: Addressing child abuse and neglect within the family household in Jordan

Lina Hamdan: Psychosocial needs of Syrian adolescent refugees residing at ALZa'tari Camp: Creative and Expressive Arts Intervention

Laila Abdul Majeed: Bullying prevention programs in schools in Amman Al-Naser, Jordan


Jordan Social Work Education for Excellence Program (JSWEEP)

was established at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Rania. JSWEEP represents a collaboration involving the Ministry of Social Development, the Jordan River Foundation, the National Council for Family Affairs, the Columbia Global Center | Middle East, and the Columbia University School of Social Work.

Ann Wasef Sleman Al-Twal

Ann Wasef Sleman Al-Twal

Police Officer, Family Protection Department

Population Served: abused women and children

“This course was very useful. The skill I most value which I learned from the Foundations for Social Work Practice course was the study of eco-maps [as they relate to casework]...I would like to take a specialized course on treating victims of domestic violence.”

Sahar Hammouri

Sahar Hammouri

Head of Child Protection and Abuse, Ministry of Education

Population Served: women & children

“Social work is our hope for the success of this department. It can change the procedures we use in order to reduce school and student violence…and this is what makes me more and more willing to be engaged in understanding the theories of social work, the skills and assessments used and other procedures in social work.”

Shorouq Abu Hamour

Case Worker, Jordan Hospital*

Population served at Jordan Hospital: Hospital patients

“The study of social work [through JSWEEP] is important for my job because I learned skills that helped with patients who refused recommended medical treatment or patients admitted for attempted suicide.”

* Ms. Abu Hamour was recently promoted to Director of Case Management at the International Medical Council

Muhammad Yusuf Shabana

Director of Family & Child Department, Ministry of Social Development

Population Served: abused women and children

“The skills I most value from the Foundations course were the theories of social work, EcoMapping, genogram, social work values, and interviewing and supervision skills.”